Traditional Hammam

The Turkish bath is a steam bath that tones, relaxes and removes impurities from the skin, providing elasticity. The hammam also regulates the pressure and releases the airways. Beginning with a body scrub with natural horsehair gloves, mixing jets of cold and warm water on a warm marble bed, the client will be transported to distant Turkey, through oriental music and the aromas of the Middle East.

Aphrodite Ritual

Unique experience that involves all senses. Synchronized massage with four hands with foam, under a bath of essential oils that will make you vibrate and relax.

Cleopatra Ritual

Inspired by the legendary beauty of a pure body and designed especially for women. Along with the tradition of the Hammam, a soft foam massage and a relaxing bath of essences are the perfect frame for a body treatment.

The Cleopatra Ritual is made with essential oils that rejuvenate the skin and give a state of serenity. With a gentle exfoliation of diamond dust particles to remove dead cells and prepare the skin by better absorbing the benefits provided by the wrapping with Dead Sea muds perfumed with an exotic essence.

Caesar Ritual

Ideal ritual of exfoliation, deep cleansing and purification to achieve harmony between body and soul. This ritual especially oriented for men to enhance their self-esteem and masculinity.

Apolon Ritual

Transporting you to ancient Greece to make you feel like a God. With a feeling of relaxation and well-being that will allow you to regenerate and rediscover your essential energy, rediscovering it and making it more powerful. Power confidence and inner power. Synchronized massage with four hands with foam, feathers and other details that the most curious will be happy to discover when they try this ritual.

Turkey Mysterious Ritual

It is an anti-stress ritual with essences, silk and feathers. Multisensory massage with spices, which combines the use of a silk scarf, feathers, aromatherapy and stretching to achieve total relaxation of the body. Perfect to nourish the skin, eliminate tension and purify the mind.

Result: renewed skin and total relaxation sensation.

Aiur Cure Ritual

Vibrational massage with Tibetan bowls. Aiur Cure treatment is one of the most effective methods to slow down the aging process of the skin and achieve softness and shine, because it purifies, nourishes and tones the skin at a deep cellular level. It works on different levels to reduce stress, improve immune function and increase body’s energy.

Caresses of the Sea Ritual

Anti-stress relaxing ritual with seashells and hot candles. For its exquisiteness, relaxation and benefits, it is ideal to move to a world of sensations. The energy that comes from shells and conches, providing a calming and relaxing effect, which together with the effectiveness of thalissi products stimulates nutrition, oxygenation and cell regeneration. Beneficial for body and mind.

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