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Massages in Tenerife


Massages are a manual therapy aimed at improving the well-being of the person since its main objective is to increase the production of endorphins in our body.

Massages are a method of assessment and manual treatment of those parts of the human body that have some ailment, or susceptible to present it, with the aim of improving pain, reduce or eliminate muscle tension, improve blood and lymphatic circulation and get relief from stress, anxiety and tensions of everyday life.

Types of massages in Déjavù Esthetic

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It is a manual therapy designed to improve the well-being of the person since its main objective is to increase the production of endorphins in our body.
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It is a type of massage that prepares the tissues for the sports effort and prevention and recovery of injuries both in training and competition. For this reason, massage is perhaps, within the physiotherapeutic techniques, the most appreciated by the athlete.

The general objectives of Sports Massage are, therefore, to prepare the tissues for the sports effort, keeping them in an optimal state, prevention of injuries both in training and in competition and recovery of the injuries that are presented and the physical form of the athlete.

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Manual lymphatic drainage is a technique that is performed with the hands through very soft, slow and repetitive movements that promote the circulation of lymph, thus improving edematous conditions, inflammation and organic fluid retention.  

The lymphatic system works closely with the immune system, so manual lymphatic drainage improves overall health and plays a very beneficial role in the nervous system, in addition to specifically treat various conditions. Thus, manual lymphatic drainage is another way to strengthen the immune system.

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The anti-cellulite reducing massage is a technique that consists in the realization of energetic massages in specific areas of the body. The massage focuses on areas where there is accumulation of adiposity in order to stimulate its elimination. With this massage it is possible to shape the desired area of the body.

The massage helps to improve circulation in the treated area, which increases energy expenditure in this site.

The anti-cellulite slimming massage with CELLULISHOCK is a slimming massage that is accompanied by the application of products. The combination helps to mobilize the fat accumulated in a specific area and allows the body modeling.

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Wood therapy: It tones your body, minimizes fluid retention, treats localized fat, and stimulates the production of elastin, collagen, and vitamin E. Combats cellulite and fights neck and back pain. It reduces stress levels. 

Vacuum therapy: A treatment where a suction effect is applied, which consists of applying a vacuum effect on the skin, creating an air chamber in which a depression is practiced and then a compression to request the venous and lymphatic circulation. The benefits are multiple: Mobilization of subcutaneous fat, elongation on the connective fibers of the skin that are retracted. Stretching of the vascular structures. 

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Orthomolecular therapy is a therapeutic massage at muscular and mental level, we work different muscular contractures, inflammation of the sciatic nerve, tendinitis, strong pains of the trapezius, neck, lumbar and tension in the legs.

Body massages

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Shiatsu is a technique from different oriental disciplines that have been practiced for millennia. This technique focuses on achieving a correct channeling of vital energy, pressing different strategic points of the body, through the fingers and palms of the hands. 

It is a manual technique, subtle and deep effect to increase relaxation, stimulate circulation, balance the nervous system and improve our mood.

A shiatsu facial massage provides flexibility and elasticity to your face. In addition, it has multiple benefits on your body:

  •  It lowers stress.
  • Activates the body’s own healing processes.
  • Gains mental clarity.
  • Improves mood and optimizes the relationship with oneself and the environment.
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Shiatsu massage is an oriental massage technique based on the principles of traditional acupuncture, but without using needles: it involves stimulating the same points and energy channels of the body, only with the pressure of the fingers. According to the shiatsu technique, the vital energy travels through the body through the meridians. Taking this into account, if some pressure is applied on these meridians we can redirect and improve the circulation of energy and, consequently, health.

Shiatsu massage has multiple benefits:

Improves sleep patterns.

  • Relaxes muscle and joint stiffness.
  • Relieves emotional tension and anxiety.
  • Soothes the pain of minor sports-related injuries.
  • Improves heavy digestions.
  • Reduces the symptoms of migraine and migraine headaches, in general.
  • Relieves intense chronic pain, when there is no medical contraindication.


At Déjavù, we have expert therapists in shiatsu, who can help you in the relaxation and wellness you need.

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Our Zen ritual revolves around the relaxing mahana massage, a massage with hot sand pindas, pearls and volcanic stones. A fusion that will not go unnoticed by your body.

It comes from Tahiti, from the gentle movement of the waves, enjoy a relaxing massage with Tahitian MonoÏ, directly inspired by the Lomi-Lomi technique. Slow, enveloping and comforting movements are mixed with the pleasant warmth of the warm sand pindas to give you a feeling of escape, rest and absolute relaxation. 

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Hawaiian massage is recognized by the flow of energy and nature. A rhythmic swell of movements with the hands, elbows, thumbs and knuckles make Hawaiian massage provide benefits to the person such as: reduce physical and mental stress, release muscle tension, improve flexibility and muscle tone, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminate toxins and strengthen the immune system, among others. 

With a vigorous and dynamic rhythm, sometimes deep and slow, Hawaiian massage activates the natural flow of body energy in order to generate positive changes in the body and promote the harmonious balance of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the person.

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Bambootherapy is an alternative relaxation and physical enhancement technique that works as a relaxing therapy while deeply stimulating the skin and nervous system, reducing adipose tissue and relaxing muscles. In this treatment we use bamboo canes that work as if they were an extension of your own fingers reaching more parts of the body, with greater depth and helping to improve oxygenation and nutrition of the skin. Bambootherapy is also a therapy that can be used as a complement to other slimming treatments and as a general invigoration.

It is a relaxation and physical improvement technique that deeply stimulates the skin, muscles, adipose tissue and the nervous system. The massage with bamboo cane is performed on those areas where there are fat deposits that cause orange peel skin, to encourage the circulation of lymphatic drainage.

The benefits of bamboo massage are many:

  • Combats fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Muscle relaxant.
  • Improves lymphatic circulation and promotes drainage.
  • Combats cellulite.
  • Reduces adipose tissue.
  • Reshapes the silhouette, toning and firming the skin.
  • Stimulates the energetic balance maintaining harmony.
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Massage with volcanic stones works on muscle pain and stimulates a feeling of general relaxation. 

The hot stones soothe the body and facilitate the flow of vital energy. 

The benefits : 

  • Improves and activates circulation, increases toning and firmness of the skin and superficial tissues. 
  • Soothes back, shoulder and other joint pains, produces a deep relaxation. 
  • Harmonizes the body.
  • Increases energy and the feeling of vitality. 
  • Eliminates toxins from the skin. 
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It is a very effective therapy for congested and contracted muscles. The advantage of this massage is that it decongests the deepest muscle bundles thanks to the force exerted with the feet.

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Honey has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore when applied it will release active ingredients into the skin, smells wonderful and acts as a massage oil. It has a relaxing effect, improves circulation, helps to purify and detoxify the skin. 


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Foot Reflexology helps us to achieve physical and mental balance.

  • Promotes relaxation and relieves stress. 
  • Reduces pain in general.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Contributes to a positive mind and better emotional response. 
  • Facilitates childbirth and recovery after childbirth.
  • Improves sleep quality .
  • Improves kidney function.
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The specific benefits on the hand are the following:

  • Improves its mobility, which is very useful in diseases such as osteoarthritis or arthritis.
  • Relieves hand pain in diseases such as chronic arthritis of the hand.
  • Relaxes the entire musculature of the hands.
  • Improves the stiffness of tendons and nerves of the entire arm and hand area which helps a lot in diseases such as carpal tunnel.
  • Reduces cramps in the arms and hands caused by arthritis or by performing repetitive tasks such as writing on the computer or all kinds of manual labor. This type of repetitive work is what often lead in many cases to suffer from carpal tunnel.
  • Improves blood circulation in the upper extremities.