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Facial Esthetic in Tenerife

Facial Esthetic Treatments

Our professional estheticians will carry out a skin diagnosis and prepare different treatment plans.

As well as advising the client on skin care.

Body Esthetic in Déjavù Esthetic

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Facial cleansing and massage. This treatment helps to rejuvenate and smooth and hydrated skin.

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The most delicate areas of the face need a specific treatment which firms, moisturizes and minimizes wrinkles. Do you want to moisturize, revitalize, firm and purify your lips and eye contour? This treatment is for you!

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Deep facial cleansing is a maintenance procedure that removes all the impurities found on the skin generated by the body itself and by the environment. These impurities are the origin of imperfections, infections, acne, premature aging and loss of radiance. 

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The cure is a facial treatment that restores, detoxifies and hydrates. We will apply a micro-stimulating mask and a hydrating veil with color, the pores of the skin are opened, treated with care, then closed, purified and softened with refreshing botanical extracts. You will be able to remove dead skin cells and impurities without leaving marks and without painful extraction. 

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Therapy that increases the assimilation of oxygen in the cells, improves blood flow and intensifies cellular respiration, purifying the skin and detoxifying it.

This treatment seeks to provide the oxygen it needs to regain its luminosity and freshness. Feel how your asphyxiated skin awakens full of energy. Enjoy this oxygenating explosion, perfect for young skin or skin that feels dull due to environmental damage, stress or an overly demanding lifestyle.

The dynamic cellular activity helps reduce the depth of wrinkles, the skin will be more moisturized, and it will look more even and less flushed.

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Do you have sensitive skin? Do you want to work on wrinkles? This treatment contains active ingredients such as Papaya or Nopal extract, without forgetting Arnica which is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory.
The result will be a rested skin, without redness and very nourished. 

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Immerse your skin in the antioxidant power of a vitamin C treatment. These nutrient-rich facial and body protocols restore vitality to sun-damaged skin and help minimize the signs of premature aging. The perfect choice to restore firmness, improve radiance, combat dark spots and enhance elasticity.

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Exceptional anti-aging treatment for mature skin with an exclusive combination of highly effective ingredients, ProteoglycanDerma complex and AminoEssence Cocktail among others, which provide an extraordinary firming and regenerating power, acting at the dermal level in the very heart of the skin. Its firming and elasticity action reduces wrinkles and expression lines, offering spectacular results for skin that needs a deeply nourishing and moisturizing intensive shock treatment. 

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NIR infrared technology heats the dermis tissue to induce the production of new collagen (neocollagenesis).

It provides an even distribution of energy, effectively targeting lipids and connective tissue.

It exerts a biological effect on the skin through two major mechanisms:

Collagen contraction induced by the thermal effect.

Regeneration, repair and dermal reorganization.

The ST head generates a very deep and drastic dermal heat, but it is comfortable for the patient and does not damage the epidermis.

A treatment with a series of 3 to 6 sessions gives a firmer and fresher appearance of the skin, without pain or invasive procedures.

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It alternates from cervical massages, exfoliations and stretching to pressure on acupuncture points and different maneuvers that moisturize the skin, activate the lymphatic system and release energy and tension accumulated in the muscles. 

The result guarantees not only a clean, soft and smooth face, but also an escape and a deep relaxation of the mind.

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  • Chin (defined): Indicated for skins that need to work on the double chin and thus redefine the jaw line in record time. 
  • Firm Neck (Firmness): Remodels the neck and provides the necessary firmness when signs of aging appear, such as the rings of Venus. 
  • Radiant Neckline (Radiance): Show off a blemish-free and rejuvenated décolleté. It can be included in all treatments, so it can be a perfect complement. 

Inhibit, as mentioned above, will delay the need for medical-aesthetic treatments or prolong the effects of microinjections. 

VIP Facial treatments

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A cabin facelift that fights sagging, effectively corrects horizontal neck wrinkles (ring of Venus) and vertical lines of the décolleté, brings radiance and redefines the double chin. Your ideal complement for a dazzling neck and décolleté. 

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Diamond rituals have been meticulously designed to preserve the youth and beauty of your skin and for you to feel the true essence of the treatments, where luxury merges with technology and the power of touch. Revolutionary experiences that deliver unprecedented rejuvenating results.

The most luxurious treatment of Déja Vù Diamond Life Infusion Ritual, used by Hollywood stars. 

Gold, pearls and diamonds beautify the skin of Hollywood’s biggest stars. 


  • Diminishes expression lines and wrinkles. 
  • Corrects extreme dryness, effectively preventing flaking and roughness of the skin. 
  • Restores an even skin tone, preventing the formation of dark spots.
  • Offers an intense lifting and firming effect that redefines and rejuvenates the facial oval.
  • Promotes the formation of Collagen I and Hyaluronic Acid, redensifying the skin and increasing elasticity.
  • Repairs the skin, thanks to its regenerative properties.  

Facial complements

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  • Triple exfoliation system: chemical action, enzymatic action, micro-mechanical action.
  • Enhances the penetration and effectiveness of the product to be applied next.
  • Removes dead cells and impurities.
  • Stimulates cell renewal.
  • Helps tissue regeneration.
  • Activates peripheral micro-circulation.
  • Promotes the formation of dermal fibers.
  • Continuous and cumulative exfoliation.
  • After use, the skin regains immediate radiance and softness.
  • Velvety and radiant skin.
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Treatment to give your skin an extra glow. Thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients and beneficial properties for the skin, it provides instant hydration and luminosity. It gives your face a flawless appearance at all times, combating lack of luminosity, ageing and signs of fatigue. They enhance your beauty and allow you to enjoy a younger, smoother and more luminous face. The ampoules have a highly concentrated formulation rich in active ingredients, making them an ideal complement to enhance beauty and care for the skin from within, making them a basic part of your beauty routine.

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At DéjaVù we make a personalised mask for your skin, a double mask that reinforces the facial treatment you have chosen. You will feel your skin radiant and without redness, indicated to eliminate wrinkles, spots and give luminosity to the skin. The nutrients in the masks penetrate the epidermis of the skin to soften it and improve its elasticity.

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Hyaluronic acid acts like a sponge, capable of retaining large amounts of water in the skin, thus adding volume, reducing wrinkles and fine lines and revitalising the outer surface layers of the skin.